Finding New Ways to Automate

Shoreline Cottages is the most progressive company we've ever worked with. If you'd like a luxury dog friendly holiday cottage in whitby, the competition don't come close!

Owners System

Shoreline owners have the best information at their fingertips.

Whether it's bookings, tax returns, competitor analysis or booking a cottage for personal use, the owner system is a one-stop platform for owners.

Cleaner Scheduling

Managing cleaners is a big challenge at Shoreline scale

The most useful part of the cleaner scheduling system is the 'advanced warning system'. If there's any short staffing issues forecast even 6 months in advance, they'll know about it and be able to make provisions well in advance.

Maintenance Logging App

Using the Shorline maintenance logging app, staff can record time spent fixing issues and upload photos directly from their phone. This is then viewed in the owner system so owners can see how much maintenance was performed on their property.

What do we spend most of our time doing?

We spend most of out time working on new and exciting ways to help Shoreline Cottages streamline and automate processes while supporting and upgrading existing ones.

WordPress Backend Integration

Our History

We started working with Shoreline Cottages 12 years ago.


New Partnership

We started working with Shoreline at the beginning of 2012 to take over an existing website build which was under attack! It was hosted on a shared server and one of the other websites had left the door open! We quickly moved the site to it's own dedicated server.


Major Site Re-Build

threetenseven built the front end wordpress website and we helped integrate the existing database, systems and processes into it re-writing common core functionality.


New Systems

We've been building, and we're not stopping..! There's exciting times ahead for Shoreline Cottages and we're proud to be a part of it.